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K.D.Thomas - Books

How many of us really understand the weather other than just to moan about the rain and cold and plan to take sunny days off? Olivia does. She wants her dad to notice her but he’s too busy cheating on his wife, pretending he’s not the father of a disabled child, and chasing anything in a skirt to prove it. So Liv does what any teenager would do. Something remarkable to make him sit up and notice. But will he see it in time to make a difference? And before other opportunists begin to close in…..
The title of K.D. Thomas’s domestic family drama refers to an unusual and rare meteorological phenomenon, and central to the book is John, an ambitious but still resolutely B-list TV weatherman. John’s serial adultery with any female he can woo to bed is an unspoken truth at home, but his self-sacrificing wife Nicky is more concerned with his attitude towards their daughter Olivia, a child with Down’s Syndrome. Things begin to change when it dawns on him that Olivia has the ability to control extreme weather events across the country, and John sees the advantages for his career. But it isn’t long before other opportunists begin to circle…. A remarkable premise and strongly written characters
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