Michael Yates - Books

 A dead author dictates his novel to a friend. A loser in love tries plastic surgery. A boy comes home early to discover his father's infidelity.
A born-again Christian takes a lesson from Chairman Mao. A drug addict's dead parents come to visit. A have-a-go hero becomes an internet villain.
A murderer's dad counts his blessings. And the dead find themselves on a very slow train journey.
...20 compelling stories about real life. 
"A rich and rewarding assortment of treats! These immensely satisfying stories are stylish, spirited, wise, playful and entirely compelling" Jim Crace
"Imaginative, well-written, ironic, amusing, with a strong sense of the quirkiness of human existence" Philip Andrews
"Wry and terse, the taut stories of Michael Yates bristle with humour, mischief and an irreverent old school charm" Mark Connors
"Varied, fascinating, lifting the genre to a new level, all the way up to the penthouse, and the views are breath-taking" Helen Shay
"'QWERTYUIOP', my favourite in this collection, is entertaining, laugh-out-loud funny, and the ending almost made me drop the book" Colin Hollis