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Liam Randles


Liam Randles lives on the Wirral with his partner Katie, stepdaughter Isla, and a Chihuahua named Elvis. The Heat of the Summer is his first published novel.

Luke, though only 18, already has baggage. An overbearing mother for one,

and a past trauma that continues to haunt him. So he takes a holiday with his

best mates. A chance for them to forget everything for a week and get boozed and sexed up.

But the island party scene brings long-standing tensions to the fore. Soon, Luke is making new friends, like the charasmatic DJ K-OS and the alluring but untouchable Alice whose warnings about the rabbit hole go unheard by Luke until it is too late.

What ensues is a journey into the darkest reaches of the human psyche, and Luke must find a way back before he becomes either lost or vanished for good.

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