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David Siddall

A native of Chester, David Siddall is a Liverpool based writer of crime and supernatural fiction. Born in 1963, Siddall left school at sixteen and drifted from job to job until he joined British Rail in 1985. A creative writing class run by the RMT Union under the auspices of Tariq Mahmood - one of the Bradford Twelve - gave him a love of the written word and the encouragement to write fiction of his own.
Drawing inspiration from the people and the places he has lived and worked, Siddall's novella 'A Man Alone', published by All Due Respect, has been described as 'A gripping urban western worthy of a Walter Hill film'. 
Siddall's stories have appeared in All Due Respect. Noir Nation, Enoir, Mysterical-e, Albedo One, Supernatural Tales, Beyond the Realm, Fickle Muses and the anthologies Our Haunted World and Dark Visions 2.
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