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Mick McCann


Mick McCann is spanking, top-ranking. Leeds' greatest ever author and godfather of 'Leedsness' is fit as fuck and certainly had NOTHING to do with the writing of this.


Well he hasn't now, now that we've distracted the fat get with cake. Mick has wrtiten three books, that he admits to, and is a blogging/article writing hussy, having written for The City Talking, Culture Vulture, Sabotage Times, The Guardian and many others. Mick is regularly called upon regarding all things Leeds by Made In Leeds TV, BBC Leeds, ITV Yorkshire and Yorkshire Evening Post.


Mick talks too much and has opinions on every-fucking-thing. Worse still, he knows he's right.


Although he insists on dancing at every possible opportunity (don't go shopping with him), and sees it as one of his many gifts, Mick can't dance. Being a deluded twat, he sees the 20 year old clubbers' glances of embarrassment as admiration.


Mick has a number of aliases, 'Mr Leeds', 'The Leeds Man' but is simply known by his very closest friends as 'that ugly, boring, fat, big-headed twat'. Mick is sexist, racist and homophobic and parks bumper to bumper with any vehicle he sees with a disabled sticker and space for a wheel chair. 


He lives in Leeds... ooh, and apparently, he's written a couple of books.


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