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P.James Callaghan


P James Callaghan was born in Yorkshire in 1974. His work has been published in Firefly Magazine and Strix. Thurso is his first novel.

Thurso small Pic.jpg

Rob is running from a drab life and a loveless marriage, on a reckless bender from pub to distillery. David, in a feverish flight across the Highlands, is running from his disturbed and disturbing recent past. And young Alistair wants desperately to run before his abusive father locks him up in his room for good. Their paths are destined to cross… but whose life will be changed forever?

Thurso is an atmospheric, riveting and heart-rending thriller of salvation and damnation – as spare, chiselled and mythic as the Scottish landscape in which it is set.

“Unflinching and raw… a ‘make you think’, dark debut” Bloomin’ Brilliant Books

“The terse, visual style draws you in and pulls you along” John Lake (author, Hot Knife)

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