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Samantha Priestley

Sam int from round ‘ere, poor love, but it int her fault and you shunt hold it against her, so don’t be racist or cityist or whatever it is. Sam’s from our great northern, brother city, Sheffield. This goes to prove how utterly cosmopolitan, inclusive and sophisticated we at Armley Press are. We spread our wings us and scour the world, Sheffield is a full 30 miles from Leeds and another Yorkshire city that is WAY bigger than any city over the Pennines that the BBC is obsessed with. Like Leeds it’s a city way under-represented by the Manchester Marketing Board, the national BBC. 
Samantha is a novelist and short story writer whose first novel, Despite Losing it on Finkle Street, was published by Pioneer Readers. Her short stories have been short listed in The Sid Chaplin competition, The Pages competition, The Mike Hayward competition, The Ted Walters competition, The Glass Woman Prize and The Binnacle Ultra Short at The University of Maine at Machias. She won first prize in The H. E. Bates competition and The Tacchi-Morris Arts Centre Prize.
Her first single story chapbook, Dreamers, is published by Folded Word and has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. 
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